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    With precision and passion


Glashütte Original embodies innovative German watchmaking art that meets the highest standards of quality.

In our manufactory the watchmakers' traditional craft skills encounter state-of-the-art production technologies. Passion, the delicate touch of a practised hand and impressive in-house production depth come together to create exclusive timepieces of extreme precision and timeless elegance.


All over the world, the art of German engineering is synonymous with excellent quality. Timepieces made by Glashütte Original are thus proud to carry their "Made in Germany" seal of origin, and represent the epitome of extreme precision, reliability and stability. As a result of the high standards that we set for engineering design and production of a watch, we are able to create products of lasting value.


Innovative micro-engineering, state of the art technologies and fresh, clear design characterise the timepieces from Glashütte Original. Young watchmakers who have completed their training with the highest marks are privileged to learn from and work with their more experienced colleagues. Together they make use of expert knowledge, creativity and profound commitment to ensure that the Glashütte art of watchmaking never comes to rest and is always moving forward.


The concept of originality is part of our brand identity. It stands for authenticity, but also for creativity and a wealth of ideas. Glashütte Original is doubly bound to honour its name: Almost every single part of each watch movement is produced with the highest degree of production depth and artfully brought to completion. Thus every watch bears witness to the living art of Glashütte watchmaking and is, at the same time, a true original.


The Glashütte art of watchmaking looks back on a long and eventful history of more than 170 years. The traditions it has inherited and its multifaceted experiences live on today at Glashütte Original. The nurture of this significant heritage serves the brand as a basis for its efforts to shape the future of the art of watchmaking.


Every one of our timepieces is exclusive and exceptional, whether part of a limited edition or not. Each year we make no more than a few hundred pieces of any given model, even of our bestsellers. In appearance neither pretentious nor luxurious, watches from Glashütte Original are exquisite masterpieces that highlight the owner's personality with casual understatement.


Beauty – inner as well as outer – is a guiding principle at Glashütte Original. Whether a matter of harmonious overall design, elaborately polished movement components, artful engravings or the delicate shimmer of a dial – the search for absolute perfection and beauty is reflected in each and every watch. In the end, it is the absolute beauty of a timepiece that moves a connoisseur of fine watches to fall in love with it.

Lasting impressions

The elaborately illustrated Glashütte Original manufactory book IMPRESSIONS contains a varied collection of personal memories, expert articles and historic snapshots relating to the manufactory and the over 170 years of Glashütte watchmaking tradition.

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