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  • The Manufactory

    World of experience & production site


The Glashütte Original manufactory in the heart of Glashütte is bright, open and modern. It is here that our timepieces are designed and, thanks to our exceptional production depth, made from components produced almost entirely in-house. We are pleased to invite you behind the scenes for a closer look at how we make watches.

The modern, generously laid out manufactory building houses both a 10,000 square meter production site and a fascinating world of experience at the same time. With its clean lines and transparent materials the functional architecture mirrors the high standards implicit in the statement "Made in Germany". The various ateliers, workshops and departments responsible for production and final assembly are situated on four floors and linked by corridors.

Glashütte Original upholds a tradition in which hand-crafted perfection and select materials are combined with state-of-the-art production technologies. As an independent developer and watchmaker with exceptional depth of production we have good reason to be known as a "manufactory". It is a far-reaching term: In the process of making watches here, a great many decisive steps are still performed by hand, "per manum". Thus the secret of our refined timepieces lies in the diligent and dextrous fingers of the watchmakers, who make of each model a true original.

  • From idea to realisation

    From the tiniest screw to the most complicated movement, watches from Glashütte Original take advantage of maximum production depth and are largely made by hand. From initial product planning to the traditional final assembly by a master watchmaker, timepieces of the highest German quality are made here.

  • Prototypes and tools

    Each single component of a movement requires the use of special tools. This demand is met by the toolmakers of our manufactory. During this process, maximum precision and modern technology are of utmost importance.

  • Decorated with precision

    With great dedication and subtle dexterity, the many filigreed components of each watch movement are enhanced with decorative ornamentation. Whether meticulous bevelling, elaborate galvanisation, brilliant polishing or traditional sanding techniques: every element, no matter how small, is individually decorated with exceptional craft skill.

  • Perfection of a work of art

    Even for a relatively uncomplicated Glashütte Original movement the watchmaker needs several hours to assemble and adjust it. More complex and ambitious movements fitted with impressive complications – the Senator Cosmopolite or PanoLunarTourbillon for example – demand the dedicated attention of a master watchmaker for up to twenty days of work.

  • Demanding final test

    As soon as the timepiece has taken shape it must face a demanding examination: the final tests. Only when its precision and exceptional quality have been confirmed can the new watch make its way into the world – as the ambassador of a modern art of watchmaking that sets standards for the world.