• The Restoration Workshop

    Preservation and care of historic timepieces


Watches from Glashütte are destined to last for more than one generation. For this reason Glashütte Original has created a workshop that preserves the beauty of historic timepieces and takes watches and clocks - made in Glashütte at various times but no longer working properly - and restores them to new life.

Glashütte Original's restoration workshop is dedicated to the preservation of historic clocks and watches: experienced specialists repair and service the diverse timepieces made in the past by Glashütte Original or by one of its predecessor companies. Individuals as well as institutions who own these precious examples of precision mechanics can profit from the workshop's offerings.

The range of services performed at the workshop comprises artisanal repair and servicing and relies as well on the professional skills of the manufactory's own toolmakers and precision mechanics manufacturing individual components. The ability to produce necessary replacement parts individually puts the workshop personnel in a position to accept precious pocket watches, historic precision pendulum clocks and marine chronometers as well as wristwatches from past production, to service them and restore them to good working order.

Upon request and based on an initial assessment, we will be pleased to provide a cost estimate for repair and maintenance services. Once an order is received, the cost of this initial assessment is offset against the total charge.


For more detailed information regarding the range of services offered along with prices, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. You may wish to use this contact form.

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